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Reporting A Boating Incident

        A "reportable" boat incident is any incident (regardless of the number of boats involved), which results in loss of life, injury that requires medical treatment beyond first aid, boat or property damage in excess of $2,000, or complete loss of a boat.
       Wisconsin law requires every boat operator involved in a "reportable" boat incident to report the incident without delay to law enforcement officials. In addition, within 10 days of the accident, the operator must submit a written report on Form 4100-20 (Operator Boating Incident Report Form) to the Department of Natural Resources.

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If you are unable to download the PDF form above, forms are also available from DNR offices, sheriff's departments and many local police departments. Additionally, forms may be requested at the address below or by e-mail.


Wisconsin DNR
Boating Program - LE/8
PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707-7921